The entire process of Taking a CLEP Exam

CLEP (College Level Examination Program) testing can provide students with excellent opportunities to gain college credits generally or introductory level subjects. After choosing a CLEP exam to take, students need to learn how to schedule and get ready for their exam. The process for scheduling a CLEP exams is rather standard across the board, and students have the option to consider tests as often because they would really like. Each CLEP test requires the same scheduling procedure. Listed here are the steps involved:

1. Discover what CLEP exam to take

There are 34 different CLEP tests available, and every one covers material taught in general or introductory level college courses. Examples of subjects covered include history, mathematics, and social sciences. Students can take as many of those exams as he or she likes, but each costs $72 to consider. Thus, it is advised to find out which CLEP exams are in fact valuable to a student's academic pursuits as each university or college has different CLEP policies and considering that some tests may cover courses that aren't essential to a student's major. The best option is perfect for the student to speak with their college academic counselor and find out which CLEP exams he or she can decide to try earn the general education course requirements for that desired degree.

2. Find a CLEP test center

You will find over 1,300 CLEP testing centers located on college and university campuses across the U.S. Students can visit the school Board's website or inquire with their school registrar's office to find the names, addresses, and phone numbers of each testing center location. Students may then contact the testing center straight to question the registration process and times and dates available to take a CLEP in addition to setup a testing appointment.

3. Register for the CLEP test

With the previously discussed center, students be forced to pay the test fees. CLEP exams each cost $72 there may be an administration fee around $15 needed by the testing center. After a student pays the fee, she or he will get some detailed information concerning the exam and also the time that the exam will be administered. Students will also be necessary to complete registration forms that ask information such as the student's name and address, exam to be taken, and whether or not the student requires special testing accommodations.

4. Study for the exam

In order to pass a CLEP, students should have knowledge of a topic equivalent to the data level of students that has already passed a university course in the same subject. All students may find they already have the knowledge required to earn a credit-granting score on the exam. For instance a business student who has worked as a manager at a fast food restaurant and it has attended management seminars may curently have the knowledge required to pass the Principles of Management CLEP. Students who have little or no understanding of a topic can often learn the necessary material through independent study using resources for example study guides, textbooks, an internet-based study programs.

5. Using the CLEP

At the time of the exam, students will go to the testing center for any 90 minute computerized exam by leaving upon completion. Although some test centers provide students having a score report immediately upon exam completion, it may take as much as two weeks for college students to find out the results of their exam. Because of the potential waiting period to receive a score, it is advised that students place their CLEP exams well in advance if they are trying to pick up last second college credit. If other CLEP exams are pursued, it's just a matter of repeating the steps above.


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